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News & Events

Horizon Impact Award 2020

DIADEMS has been selected as one of the 10 finalists of the Horizon Impact Award 2020, the European Commission’s initiative to value and celebrate FP7 or H2020 projects that have used their results to provide value for society.

The work performed during the DIADEMS project has led to significant progress in NV-based quantum sensing. The ASTERIQS project, involving the DIADEMS consortium and additional partners, is capitalizing on these results to develop applications based on the NV- centre in diamond in many fields.

All 10 finalists are presented in the video on the right, where Thierry Debuisschert, as Coordinator, is introducing DIADEMS.

For more information on the Horizon Impact Award 2020, please also visit :


Quantum Flagship Kickoff in Vienna, 2018

Magnetic Imaging Conference 2021

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Basel Quantum Metrology and Sensing Conference (BQMS)

The Basel Quantum Metrology and Sensing Conference (BQMS 2020) highlighted the state of the art and most recent advances in quantum sensing and quantum metrology with atomic and solid-state spin systems. It gathered key global players in these fields and focused on...