More than 70 people from various institutions interested in quantum sensing attended the event.  ASTERIQS partners Thales, E6, NVision, SQUTEC, attocube, Bosch presented project results. The speakers were also from the partner companies Qnami and QZabre emanating from project partners (Unibas and ETHZ respectively). 4 start-ups recently created by partners : Diatope, Qruise, SaxonQ and Qtechno also gave presentations.

A round-table gathered eminent specialists in the field of quantum sensing who shared with the audience their in-depth view of solid-state quantum sensors. They addressed very important aspects of quantum sensors, such as:

  • their most promising fields of application,
  • the trade-off between performance and complexity,
  • the requirements to reach the market taking into account existing technologies,
  • the need to develop a complete supply chain,
  • the importance of long-term support from funding agencies,
  • and the need to ensure the training of qualified scientists and engineers

The event was broadly advertised on the website of the Commission ( ) and at the level of the quantum flagship boards (SEB, QCN and QuIC).

We received very positive feedback from the attendees, which is a testament to the success of this workshop.