Related Quantum Technology Flagship projects

ASTERIQS is part of the FET Flagship on Quantum Technologies which objectives is to strengthen European scientific leadership and excellence in quantum research and to turn results into concrete technological opportunities that can be transferred to the industry.

The Flagship will run for ten years and gathers 20 projects in four application:

  • Quantum communication
  • Quantum simulation
  • Quantum computing
  • Quantum metrology and sensing

The projects of the Flagship establish and maintain a close cooperation. In particular, ASTERIQS contributes by:

  • Actively participating in (and attend) the common activities of the Quantum Flagship, aiming to coordinate technical work with the other selected projects and to contribute to the activities of the CSA
  • Participating to the activities such as industry-academia workshops, application, market studies, pan-European conference/trade show, networking of quantum industry groups and associations
  • Establishing collaborations with the other projects of the Flagship Initiative and jointly addressing cross-cutting issues
  • Participating in benchmarking exercises
  • Sharing results and best practices as relevant

To create synergies, receive external inputs and reduce costs, ASTERIQS will co-organise events, workshops and a summer school.