ASTERIQS School on Solid-State Spins

with the participation of the project METABOLIQS

Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse

Corsica, France

1 to 5 November 2021

and online

25, 27, 29 Oct. – 8, 10 Nov.

The ASTERIQS School on solid-state spins is dedicated to the emerging field of quantum sensing. It will provide a solid basis for students aiming at a scientific career in this highly active field.

The lectures will give an overview of different quantum-enhanced sensing techniques based on solid-state spins, with a focus on the Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) center in diamond. The program will cover the very basics of NV physics, from diamond growth and implantation, through measurement protocols for coherent manipulation – to modern diamond sensor fabrication and demonstration of applications in biophysics, condensed matter physics and industry. A large space will also be given to recent developments and applications of this promising field.

The school is organized and partly funded by the Horizon Europe projects ASTERIQS and METABOLIQS.

Eminent scientists will animate the school:

Mohamed Abobeih, Audrius Alkauskas, David Awschalom, Nir Bar-Gill, John Barry, Christoph Becher, Volker Cimalla, Marcus Doherty, Ádám Gali, Khaled  Karrai, Christiane Koch, Quan Li, Johannes Majer, Matthew Markham,  Milos Nesladek, Mark Newton, Sébastien Pezzagna, Jan Rhensius, Jean-François Roch, Franz Schilling, Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler, Alexandre Tallaire, Ronald L. Walsworth, Amir Yacoby, Eli Zeldov.

Scientific Committee

Christoph Becher (USAAR), Andreas Brenneis (Bosch), Thierry Debuisschert (Thales), Vincent Jacques (CNRS), Fedor Jelezko (Universität Ulm), Peter Knittel (IAF), Patrick Maletinsky (Universität Basel), Milos Nesladek (IMEC), Alex Retzker (HUJI), Jean-François Roch (ENS Paris-Saclay).


As numerous lecturers will not be able to come in Cargèse due to the health situation, we had to reduce the duration of the school on-site to one week from 1st to 5th November. The talks of these lecturers will be given by videoconference on 25, 27 and 29 October as well on 8 and 10 November. Detailed programme is available.

Application and registration

Registration is closed. 

No registration fee is requested. ASTERIQS takes in charge breakfasts, lunches, accommodation, welcome cocktail and one dinner. It includes also a social event.

Pandemic impact

Due to the health situation and restrictions on intercontinental flights, participation is limited to European students, with a maximum number of 50 attendees.

Attendees must be vaccinated.

Participation will be subject to the health regulations in effect in France at the time of the school.

Organization Committee

Thierry Debuisschert (Thales) and Valérie Mellier (ARTTIC).

More information

About the IESC Corsica site read participant guide.

Please contact us for any question.

Conference site: Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse (Corsica, France)