Advancing Science and TEchnology thRough dIamond Quantum Sensing

ASTERIQS is a collaborative research project awarded 9.75 Million Euro funding from the European Commission’s FET Flagship programme on Quantum Technology under the Horizon 2020 framework programme for Research and Innovation

General introduction on Quantum Sensing

The main objective of the ASTERIQS project

Decade-long research activities in quantum sensing technologies have been bringing transformative advances to science, economy and society. In particular, quantum sensing exploits coherent superposition of quantum states to perform measurements with unprecedented sensitivity. Several platforms are being investigated, and among them, the negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (NV-) colour centre in diamond allows for coherent manipulation of single spins in the solid-state at room temperature with simple optical read-out. Those characteristics are particularly attractive for applications outside of the laboratory.

The NV- centre in diamond is an excellent candidate to ultimately realise the ideal quantum sensor, namely a two-level system that coherently oscillates between two states and is affected only by a desired signal in the surrounding environment. Significant progress towards this goal has been achieved in the DIADEMS project, but ASTERIQS will provide new direction in terms of: deterministic implantation of nitrogen, atomically flat diamond surface and NV positioning less than 1 nm from the surface.

Why the ASTERIQS project?

Started in October 2018 and lasting 3 years, ASTERIQS aims at developing precise sensors made from diamonds including an atom-like defects like NV centres to measure quantities such as magnetic field, electric field, temperature or pressure and at investigating the structure of single molecules or spintronics devices.

The Consortium

The ASTERIQS project is coordinated by THALES SA (Thierry DEBUISSCHERT) and brings together 23 partners including European research groups who are pioneers and leaders in this research area as well as companies developing exploitable applications of this technology. This project is expected to strengthen further Europe’s leading scientific and industrial position in quantum sensing.

Visit the consortium page to learn about the partners’ detailed profiles!

The ASTERIQS project is coordinated by Thierry DEBUISSCHERT (THALES SA)

Successful Public Industry Workshop on 31 March

More than 70 people from various institutions interested in quantum sensing attended the event.  ASTERIQS partners Thales, E6, NVision, SQUTEC, attocube, Bosch presented project results. The speakers were also from the partner companies Qnami and QZabre emanating from...

ASTERIQS Public Industry Workshop – 31 March, online

The objective of this workshop is to inform a general audience about recent developments in quantum sensors based on NV centers in diamond.Thales, Bosch, Element6, Attocube, Qnami, Qzabre, Squtec have confirmed their participation. Application perspectives will be...

The ZEISS Quantum Challenge 2020 won by Dr. Friedemann Reinhard (University of Rostock) and Dr. Gabriel Puebla-Hellmann (QZABRE)

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Reinhard from the University of Rostock, and Dr. Gabriel Puebla-Hellmann from QZabre AG in Zurich have won the ZEISS Quantum Challenge 2020. This prize honors outstanding approaches to solving real-life problems in medical technology, microscopy...

Quantum Flagship

The Second Quantum Revolution is unfolding now, exploiting the enormous advancements in our ability to detect and manipulate single quantum objects. The Quantum Flagship is driving this revolution in Europe.