ASTERIQS objectives

ASTERIQS objectives

ASTERIQS aims to develop applications based on the NV- centre in diamond that go outside of the laboratory and bring solutions to societal and economical needs where no solution exists yet:


  • Developing lightweight and efficient batteries to wide-spread use of electric cars in place of fuel cars
  • Understanding chemical structure and dynamics at the single molecule level which will open entirely new possibilities for drug and medicine development
  • Experimentally characterizing elaborate structures in condensed matter such as those developed for spintronics. Replacing charge-based electronics with spin-based electronics promises smaller, more energy efficient electronic devices for European citizens

To reach its ambition target, ASTERIQS will thus:

  1. Develop new applications achieving TRL levels 4 – 5
  2. Develop new applications of the NV- centres beyond magnetic field measurements
  3. Use the NV- centre as tool to investigate scientific fields where measurement tools are lacking
  4. Develop the tools necessary to the above applications to reach their ultimate sensitivity

Besides, ASTERIQS will reach out the quantum community through targeted dissemination actions and contribute to educate next-generation researchers and physicists as well as engineers by means of workshops and summer-schools.